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Origin of Rudraksha

As we all know that Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh created this universe from the grace of Ma Bhuvneshwari. Of these 3, Lord Shiva took the pledge of welfare of the universe. To get the right to rule on Heaven, demon king tripur started defeating the Gods and then listening to the prayers of the Gods, Lord Shiva himself decided to defeat the demon king but tripur was the knower of very deceptive and powerful forces. That is why Lord Shiva had to fight him for countless years but in the end Lord Shiva defeated him. Due to extreme tiredness because of the battle that went on for eternal years and the joy of victory, tears fell from Lord Shiva’s eyes. Because he was meant to do the welfare of the universe, trees of a Divine Fruit grew wherever his tears fell. The term Rudraksha (Rudra i.e. Shiva + aksha i.e. eye) stands for the eyes of Lord Shiva implying thereby that it was pleasant to the eyes of Lord Shiva and hence named in His Honour. The glory of Sun resides in one eye, the calmness of Moon resides in the second eye and the welfare of mankind resides in the third eye of Lord Shiva. That is why Rudraksh which grew from the tears that fell from Lord Shiva’s eyes have the glory of Sun, calmness of Moon and the welfare of all mankind in it.

Benefits of Rudrakshas and its description

Rudraksha has the unique ability to generate Spiritual Energy, preserve healing energy and overcome routine problems. That is why our Yogis and Rishis understood the importance of Rudraksh beads, energized them through Divine Mantras and Pran Pratishtha and started wearing them from the beginning of time. They created rosaries of these beads and this provided positive energy to their mind and body which in turn immaculated their body and soul and helped them in overcoming all sorts of sins, diseases, flaws, hazards and problems and only then they became capable for the welfare of mankind. Our ancient Yogis and Rishis played a very important role in making these divine beads our Invaluable and Divine Heritage. They did countless researches on Rudraksh which are mentioned in various ancient texts like MahaShivPuran, SkandPuran, PadamPuran, LingPuran etc. They help in controlling blood pressure and also help in many other diseases. They also help in strengthening the heart. According to MahaShivPuran, Abhimantrit Rudrakshas help in attaining salvation even after a sin like Brahmin Hatya. MahaShivPuran has the detailed description of 1-14 Mukhi, Ganesh and Gauri Shankar but beads till 35 Mukhi have been found on this earth however like the Nepal 1 Mukhi, 16-35 Mukhi are also extremely rare. AtharvVeda contains the detailed description of all the experiments done on Rudrakshas. Rudraksh beads are primarily found in India, Nepal, Indonesia and Malaysia. They are found in various sizes and shapes and in all 4 Varn i.e Brahmin, Shatriya, Shudra and Vaishya but the Shatriya Varn are considered as the best beads.

How and which Rudraksha to wear

If a person cannot find his own Varn Rudraksha then he should wear a Shatriya Varn Rudraksha. If a person wants to wear less number of beads to get rid from all problems then he should wear Gooseberry(Amla) shaped Rudrakshas and if one wants to wear a mala then small sized Rudrakshas are optimum. Plum(Ber) shaped bead helps in fulfilling all wants and desires. Smaller the size of Rudraksh in a Mala, greater will be its benefits but one should always take care that it is touching the heart area. In MahaShivPuran it is written that all Rudrakshas regardless of their shape are very helpful in removing sins and are helpful in increasing happiness. Rudraksha rosary is the most beneficial in all rosaries. Broken Rudrakshas or beads which are contaminated by insects or beads which are not fully formed or which do not have a natural hole in the center should be avoided. Rudrakshas which naturally have a hole in the center are considered as the best. At first Lord Shiva himself wore Rudraksha and told us how many Rudrakshas we should wear and in which body part through Rishi Skand.

  • First of all Lord Shiva wore 550 beads in his Tress(Jataen) and Head.
  • Created a rosary by stringing 108 beads together and wore it in the neck.
  • 6-6 beads rosary around the ear, 12-12 beads rosary in the hands, 15-15 beads rosary in the arms and 32 beads Kantha in the neck.
  • This way Lord Shiva wore 6 Mukhi in his right hand, 7 Mukhi in the neck, 8 and 12 Mukhi on the head, 9 Mukhi in the left hand and 14 Mukhi in the Tress and showed us the way to recuperation, attaining power and overcome hurdles and obstacles in life.

People who wear Siddha Rudrakshas are most dear to Lord Shiva. According to MahaShivPuran, 1-14 Mukhi have the blessings of all Gods & Goddess so to gain the blessings of all the universe one should wear a Kantha of 1-14 Mukhi Rudraksha. The wearer of Rudraksh beads is liberated from all sins. Body and soul is filled with righteousness and with the blessings of Lord Shiva, the wearer indulges in the welfare of mankind. This is the most exquisite quality of Rudraksh so we request all to wear these beads. For your information, we will be writing detailed description of 1-14 Mukhi, Ganesh & Gauri Shankar Rudraksha.

यह लेख हिन्दी में पढने के लिए क्लिक करें रुद्राक्ष |

*Descriptions for products are taken from scripture, written and oral tradition. Products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition. We make no claim of supernatural effects. All items sold as curios only.

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