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We all know that India is the land of Sages & Saints. Hindu civilization is a very rare and ancient civilization so very rare and ancient things are found here. These things are the embodiment of Deities. We are very fortunate that we have received a similar thing in the form of Shaligram Shila. It is the incarnation of all 10 forms of Lord Vishnu.

According to the most popular literature found on Shaligram Shilas in our Ancient Texts, a fight broke out between Lord Vishnu’s both wives – Ma Saraswati and Ma Laxmi. As a consequence of this fight, Ma Saraswati cursed Ma Laxmi and she was sent to earth forever in the form of Tulsi. Lord Vishnu waited in Gandaki River in the form of a Shila to take Ma Laxmi back to Heaven. As Lord Vishnu was flowing in the water, symbols of all his 10 forms were formed on the rocks which were present in the river which are now known as Shaligra Shilas.

According to our Ancient Texts, since Lord Vishnu is himself present in these Shilas, one can get the blessings of Lord Vishnu by worshipping Shaligrams. One can also be liberated from all kinds of troubles in life by worshipping these Shilas. According to SkandPuran (Ancient Text), special blessings can be obtained by worshipping Shaligram and Ma Tulsi. All the Ancient Texts that contain any kind of literature on Shaligrams say one thing in common i.e one will get divine results by worshipping Shaligram Shila and that is why all mankind should place the symbol of Lord Vishnu in their homes and should worship Lord Vishnu.

As these Shilas naturally have Conch (Shankh), Chakra, Mace (Gada) and Padma imprinted on them, one can get extreme benefits by placing and worshipping them in their homes. Some Texts even state that homes which have Lord Shaligram placed in them are superior from all pilgrimages (Teerth). Every year on the 12th of Kartik Maas, women hosts marriage between the symbol of Ma Laxmi i.e Ma Tulsi and the symbol of Lord Vishnu i.e Lord Shaligram. Some Texts even state that in the Purshottam Maas, worshipping Lord Shaligram by 1 lakh Tulsi Dal provides benefits equal to a lifetime of charity, donation and the worshipper is liberated from all kinds of sins & troubles and then moves to Vishnu Lok. It is said that wherever Lord Vishnu is worshipped in the form of Shaligram, Ma Laxmi herself resides in that home and the worshippers are blessed with prosperity and wealth.
“OM NAMO BHAGWATE VASUDEVAE NAMAH” is the mantra that one should enchant to worship the symbol of Lord Vishnu – The Shaligram.

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  1. Hello from France
    I would be interested in buying several Shaligrams but my question is, do they each have a specific mantra or only one mantra to recite?

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  3. Saligram ston

  4. Hi I’m from Malaysia & I would like to buy this saligram to place at my home.
    Please get for me more information about this saligram & the price.

    One more thing, how to verify whether its original or fake?

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