553gms Shaligram Shree Yantra


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This Powerful Shree yantra is carved on a single, pure and Natural Shaligram Shila which generates powerful vibrations to purify and enhance the aura of the place where it is kept. This Shaligram is the representation of Lord Vishnu himself. It is collected from Gandaki river in Nepal. It removes Vaatu defects, bestows totality and overall success, attract riches, abundance and good fortune and is useful for spiritual progress, peace and harmony. Install this Yantra in your home or your office for combined benefits of Shaligram & Shree Yantra.

Benefits of Shaligram Shilas

According to our Ancient Texts, since Lord Vishnu is himself present in these Shilas, one can get the blessings of Lord Vishnu by worshipping Shaligrams. One can also be liberated from all kinds of troubles in life by worshipping these Shilas. According to SkandPuran (Ancient Text), special blessings can be obtained by worshipping Shaligram and Ma Tulsi. All the Ancient Texts that contain any kind of literature on Shaligrams say one thing in common i.e one will get divine results by worshipping Shaligram Shila and that is why all mankind should place the symbol of Lord Vishnu in their homes and should worship Lord Vishnu.

Mantra for Worshipping Shaligram Shilas

“OM NAMO BHAGWATE VASUDEVAE NAMAH” is the mantra that one should enchant to worship the symbol of Lord Vishnu i.e Lord Shaligram.

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