Padmanabha Shila is one of the most powerful Shila amongst all Shilas and the Shila is extremely rare also. The devotee is blessed with immense fortune because of the presence of Laxmi and extreme protection because of the presence of Lord Vishnu Himself. Brahma gives the devotee wit and intelligence. This Shila is very exotic, powerful, extremely attractive, brilliant, auspicious, emits very high radiance and has an extra ordinarily high energy levels. This Shila has very sharp and perfect impressions of Padmanaba. Padmanabha is that form where from Ananta has the Brahma emerging out from the naval of the Lord Vishnu. Padmanabha Shila bestows the devotee in multiplying the assets, diversity in functioning, and creation of wealth through innovation, national and international fame through honesty and professionalism and tremendous success.

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  • 286gms-Padmanabha-Shaligram

    286gms Padmanabha Shaligram

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