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Among the natural objects held in extraordinary veneration in India, the Shaligram Shilas are the most celebrated universally. The worship of these stones is widespread and dates back to a distant past. Shaligrams are worshipped in Temples, Monasteries and households all over the country, as visible and natural emblems of Vishnu. The shipping of water in which these stones are bathed is a daily ritual for the pious Hindu belonging to the old and traditional families. The presence of these stones is indispensable while performing Daily and occasional ceremonies and festivals of a religious nature. They are also worshipped in quasi-religious functions like house-warming (grhapravesa, vastu-puja), Pacificatory rites of different sorts (santi), marriages and funerary rituals. A Saligram is worshipped by householders as well as by ascetics. Continue reading about Shaligram.

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Benefits of Shaligram Shilas

The Shaligram Shilas bestows the devotee with immense wealth, wordly comforts, dignity and respect in the society, removes hurdles, provides extreme protection from any type of occult, Nazar Dosha, black magic, removes all types of Doshas from the lives of the devotee, shows the devotee correct path for progress, spiritually uplifts him, helps in undertaking Sadhnas and attainment of Salvation. The Saligram Shilas ensures a peaceful environment prevails at the devotee’s house and the work place. Lord Narayan and Laxmi accept the prayers, obeisances and stays at that place where Shaligram Shilas are worshipped.

Mantra for Worshipping Shaligram Shilas

“OM NAMO BHAGWATE VASUDEVAE NAMAH” is the mantra that one should enchant to worship the symbol of Lord Vishnu i.e Lord Shaligram.